Im soo EXCITED!!

okay so iv been wanting to start a blog for ages now so iv finally got some free time now so I can finally start. so I’ve spent the day exploring WordPress and getting to no the sight and set everything up and I can say I am still getting confused were things are then I finally remember about 10 mins later :L. but im finally set up now and all I have to do is find stuff to blog about. when I was thinking of doing a blog all I could think of doing was makeup reviews but now im here, Im thinking about what else could I do so on my blog expect a bit of everything such as :

  • make-up reviews
  • hair product reviews
  • food reviews
  • movie reviews
  • skincare product reviews
  • candle  reviews
  • stuff about my day and work
  • tv show reviews
  • music reviews

and I might even throw in a few reviews about the weather and the road aha 😀 nah im only joking 😀 there might even be post with me ranting about things that might have happened in the day as well and you will probably see my sister (Whitney) pop up a lot on here as well as she’s my little wing woman, my 12year old best friend 🙂


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