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My MAC Stash :)

okay so iv always known about MAC and when I was about 13 I bought some MAC eyeliner and then I never really bought anything else from MAC it wasn’t till September 2014 until I really properly discovered Mac and that’s because that was one of the brands we used at college and from them on iv been hooked on. First I bought some studio sculpt foundation in December 2014 and loved it and writing this had made me remember to order some more :).


I have never been one for lipstick it was only sins i went to college to do make up I started to wear it and now I’m obsessed with lipstick. The first lipstick I ever got from MAC was velvet teddy and I got this from the air port in august on the way to Spain, I literally wore that lipstick every night on holiday I new I would have to stop at duty free on the way back to England, but when we got to the airport there wasn’t a mac counter there I was so gutted and when I got home my sister who is 12 tried to steal my velvet teddy  as she wanted it so bad . Then I ordered the lipstick stone as I had seen it in the airport and I was gutted that I didn’t get it so I ordered it instead. I defiantly wasn’t disappointed I fell in love with the shade and would wear it out all the time, then it was my birthday in October and I got a £70 gift voucher and was over the moon and I got the colours Twig, whirl, mehr and faux. I ordered 2 twig by accident and I didn’t eve realise till my order got deliver I was gutted so I sold it to a friend so that I could put that money towards another lippy :). Also you will notice that Faux isn’t in the photo well that’s because I done my aunties makeup for a wedding and she was like I love this colour I need to have it so she then bought that colour of me so I don’t have a faux now. whirl became my new fav out of them all I was in love with the colour I haven’t used twig and mehr yet bur I do love the colours though. and also I got brave for my birthday aswell from my nan I haven’t worn it yet but I love the colour. and then for charismas I got another £70 gift voucher and got the colours Sin and blankety. i haven’t worn blankety yet but I have worn sin quite a lot lately an im obsessed with the colour and it lasts sooo long on the lips I wore it on new years eve and only had to top it up once it was amazing. I had heard that the matte lipsticks from MAC can be quite drying and I was a bit worried about that as I have dry lips anyways but I was soo surprised as they wasn’t drying at all. Matte lipsticks are my obsession.



So before i went to college i couldn’t use lip liner at all it would always look like a child had tried to draw lips that’s one of the reasons why i would never use lip liners or lipstick.

the first lip liner that i got was whirl and i got this from the airport on the way to spain i really wanted the whirl lipstick to go with it but they didn’t have it so i got velvet teddy instead and they still go soo nice together. i couldn’t believe how nice the formula was to put on it wasn’t to stiff or to soft and i instantly new i had to get more. when i got home i ordered stone and i got this with my stone lipstick because you cant just get the lipstick and not have the liner to match. i then got soar for my birthday of my nan and i wanted this colour to go with my brave lippy as i had seen bloggers and youtubers use this combo so i got them so that i could try them myself :D. then for Christmas my nan surprised me with talking points and spice. i love talking points its such a beautiful bright pink but i haven’t used it yet as i don’t have a pink lippy to go with it 😦 so that’s next on my list!!. i haven’t used spice yet but i might wear that tomorrow when i go to Cambridge. for Christmas i also got burgundy and currant with some of my gift card money and i used current on new years eve paired with my Sin lipstick and the colours go soo well with each other, i have and will be using this pair so much.


Everything else

I cant even remember when I got my blacktrack fluidline  but I absolutely love it its one of my fav eyeliners of all time and i like how it just stays put no matter what when i wear this eyeliner i take all my makeup of at night except my eyeliner and then its in the exact same place as it was when i went to sleep i love it. i got my set powder for my birthday from my nan and i use it every day, i like that fact that it keeps my makeup matte all day as i have really oily skin ( which i hate soo much!!) so it really is an amazing product and as long as it continues to work i will be using it for a long time. so for Christmas i got the studio finish concealer and as soon as i used it i fell in love with it i literally chucked all my other concealers away except my benefit concealer as i love that one to haha. i suffer with spots and sometimes red patches ( thanks oily skin!!!) and this really does do the job and i will defo be buying again when i run out. the little mascaras are soo cute and they were free so i cant argue with getting free testers 🙂 i love the tester for the zoom fast black lash and i will be buying the the full size one soon.


my MAC wish list is so long atm but at the top is the Harrods kinda sexy pallet which i no i will never get as its only available in London and also the Ariana grande viva glam lipstick which comes out soon.

well that’s my first proper blog post done and i hope you have enjoyed reading if you can give me any pointers and feedback that would be grate as i am new to this and don’t really no what i am doing 🙂 another post coming soon!!


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