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MUA PaintBox

Beige Nudes & Honey Browns

This was the first paint box that I got. I fell in love with this paint box as soon as I swatched it, the paint box comes with some matte shades and also some gloss shades. It also comes with 2 cute little lip brushes, I like the formula for these as there nice and creamy and defiantly not drying. there’s defiantly a nude for everyone in this palate I find that there is quite a lot of nudes out there that are very orangey when they go on the lips but there’s nor really a colour in this palate that is overly orange. also there is a lovely gloss shade which is the 3rd colour that is a nice shimmer nude so this is defiantly an everyday nude palette .


Rose Rouge

so I got this one paint box when I got the nude pain box and I really like this one as I don’t really have that many reds or pinks. the first red is a bright red gloss with a hint of pink this is a good colour if you just want a hint of colour and is a gloss. the next red is a bit darker and its more pigmented the previous red this colour isn’t quite a gloss but I wouldn’t say it was matte either its kind of a cross between the both. the next colour is a dark bright pink and its really pigmented  I would say the same as the second colour its not matte but its not  a gloss either. the next colour is a bright candy floss pink I would say this is the same as the last 2 its not matte but its not a gloss this is a very stand out colour and is so pigmented and bright I love it. the last colour is more a deeper red and I would say that its more of a glossy red.


Imperial Plums

I only really own dark plum colours and not many lighter ones so this was defiantly a paint box I needed and this one is so pigmented as well. The first colour is a light violet colour I would say this is a matte colour but its still very creamy and still has a slight shine. the second colour is a slightly darker violet with a slight pink tone to it this colour I would say was a glossy colour. the next colour is a deep plum colour, this in inbetween a gloss and matte colour. the next colour I would say was a matte colour with a little shine, this is a light plumy colour. the last colour is a dark purple colour and I love this colour I would say this was a cross between a gloss and a matte colour.


Before I got the MUA Paint Boxes I was a bit hesitant as I did really want them as the shades looked so nice in the little palette but I couldn’t find a swatch for them anywhere and when I went in my local Superdrug they had the paint boxes for sale but they didn’t have any testers for them so I kept picking them up and putting them back but I eventually just bought them and i’m so glad that I did. over all there are some really nice glossy shads and some great nudes, although most of the colours are more of and inbetween but it dosnt matter and there all really pigmented and I would recommend them to everyone.


Thanks for reading




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