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Okay so I’ve been obsessed with gosh lipstick for about a year now and I just cant get enough of them. sins I was  14 iv always liked gosh I would wear their eye shadows every day.

Gosh velvet touch lipstick



 my first ever colour I got was nougat and I fell in love with that colour instantly. The velvet touch lipsticks are so creamy and highly pigmented they also don’t dry out the lips and leave them nice and soft.

Nougat is one of my go to day colours if I have a full face of makeup on because its abit more of a darker nude lipstick.

 Twilight is a very nice dark purple and great for going out if your going for a more darker look.

Cappuccino is a good nude if you don’t really wear that much makeup or like the natural look then this colour is defiantly for you.

Darling is more of a pinky nude and is good if you like to look more natural with your make up.

Flirty Orange is good for a more daring person,  photo shoots and fashion makeup ect.. as it is a very bright lipstick.


Velvet touch lipstick MATTE



Matte lipsticks are my fav and the first matte lipstick I ever bought was a gosh one and that’s when I got hooked on matte lipsticks. some matte lipsticks can be really drying but the velvet touch ones are defiantly not I think it because they are so creamy when they first go on they kinda stay creamy under the top layer that dry’s and goes matte I don’t no but I love them and their soo pigmented as well ❤

 Baby lips is a very natural nude and you can hardly tell that you have it on so its great do a day makeup look.

Cherry is a more pinky red and this colour look soo stunning on the lips. if your a bright red or bight pink person then this is defiantly the colour for you as its in between and its the best of both worlds.

Rose is a very nice nude it does have a pinky tone to it so if you have a darker pink  natural lip colour then this is the colour for you or even if you like more pinky nudes 🙂 .

Plum is a deep purple colour and is a good colour if you r after a more darker colour.

Classic red is a true red I find it so hard to find a true red colour most red have a lot of pink in them but this is defiantly a must have if you love red lips I haven’t used it on my lips yet but it swatches lovely.

Antique is a slightly brown nude and looks great on epically if your looking for a darker nude to finish your look.


 Velvet touch lip liner


The velvet touch lip liner is brilliant the hold the colour and I occasionally were them as an all over lip colour. I find these one of the easiest lip liners to uses whether its on myself or on others as the creamy texture make the colour just glide on and they are really pigmented so you don’t even have to press that hard on them.

raspberry dream is a deep plum colour and goes well with then velvet touch matte plum.

cardinal red is a pinky purple and goes really well with velvet touch matte cherry.

Simply red is a true red colour and goes well with velvet touch classic red.

Flirty orang is great paired up with then velvet touch flirty orange lipstick as its and exact match.

Antique rose is more of a darker pink nude and pairs really well with then velvet touch matte rose.

Nougat crisp is a really nice nude colour and was the fist lip liner I ever purchased from gosh and it goes nice with the velvet touch nougat and antique (matte)

Angel kiss is a light nude colour and goes nice with baby lips (matte) and cappuccino


hope you found this post use full to help you pick your next GOSH lipstick shade.

all feedback welcome whether its good or bad im new to blogging so anything will help 😀

sorry if there’s any spelling im not the best a spelling :/




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