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As soon as this brand came out I was hooked on it. I started with the eye shadow palettes and then wend on to the other palettes, there are colours for everyone and I not only just them on myself but I use them on my clients as well.

Beyond Flawless


I love this palette and its one of my go to palettes if I have a prom or wedding booked in as it has so many natural colours in it but can also make a more dramatic look as well so this is a must have!!


Eyes Like An Angel


This palette is to die for and the pigment in these are just…. WOW and I mean the foiled eye shadows in this palette are amazing if you like loud or outgoing makeup then this is the palette for you, and for pressed eye shadow the eye shadows them self’s are sort of creamy so they just glide on the eye.


Iconic 3


this was one of my first eye shadow palettes from makeup REVOLUTION and I bought it to juts try out the products really to see if they were as good as I hoped they would be and the were I have moved this out of my make-up kit now as I got the beyond flawless palette and most if not all the colours are in that palette so this one is now on my dressing table in my bedroom, an for £4 you cant go rong with this palette as your everyday eye shadow.


Mermaids Vs Unicorns


okay so I got this palette for one colour and that the pink colour (colour 8) because it looked so unusual and I loved it so when I got home I immediately tried it and omg I fell in love with it and then I missed placed it 😦 so I haven’t really used it it wasn’t till I was sorting my room out ready for it to be decorated I found it at the back of my draws and I finally could use it again 🙂 I didn’t really swatch or even look at the other colour to be honest but when I swatched them for this blog post I realised how stunning the colours actually are and the shimmer in the eye shadows are unbelievable the only colour I was a bit disappointed in was the last dark colour as it didn’t seam as pigmented as the rest of the palette but with a eye shadow base it would probably be just as good.


Day To Night


I haven’t actually used this palette yet but I cant knock it as the colours are beautiful and so pigmented and its really is a day to night palette and you could just keep it in your handbag as you never no when a surprise outing is planed after work, college, school ect this palette has a mixture of matte an shimmer colours , these smaller palettes also come with a double ended eye shadow brush but as soon as I open them I take then out and my sister normally nicks them of me :/ so if you are carrying this around with you would wont have to take with you 100 different types of brushes 🙂


Acid Brights


this palette I got for a specific lesson at college we got given a brief of bright colours, I had seen this palette in Superdrug and I just had to have it. it was amazing and the colours were so pigmented and I used a white eye shadow base as well so the colours were even brighter I loved it and the look came out amazing. I haven used this palette sins as I don’t have any were to go that I would need bright colours for. but I no that if im ever in need I have it 🙂


Sugar and Spice Blush


this is my go to blush palette it has shades for everyone whether you want to create a subtle blush or be more dramatic with the blush. you only need a little on your brush with is as it is very pigmented so a little goes a very long way when im using it on myself I sometimes don’t even have to put any on the brush the next day and just uses what’s left on the brush. also there 2 shimmer blushes that you could ether uses as a shimmer blush or as a highlight the pale pink shimmer is a great highlight when its blended in it gives you a nice shimmer to your cheek bones. also these blushes are really easy to blend as well.


Golden Sugar Blush


I love this palette and even though it says its a blush palette I would use them more as highlights no matter what skin tone you are theres something for you in this. there is only one matte colour in this palette and this can be used as a subtle contour, I have used it as a contour before on my little sister as she is only 12 she didn’t really need it so I used this as it only just showed up on her skin. my favourite out of all the colours in this palette is the silver with the gold going through it OMG when I swatched this colour in superdrug I almost fell to the floor seriously this colour is amazing and when its blended out its even better and in close second is the pale pink next to it. the colours in this palette are Very shimmery so you only need a little else you will be going out like a disco ball and that’s defiantly not a good look.


Ultra Contour


this is a really good contour palette I use the first brown on the bottom row and the last highlight on the top row and if you think this high light look familiar your right its the same as my fav highlight in golden sugar so I was super excited to no that I have 2 of this highlight now. these colours are really blendable as well which is good because I sometimes get abit heavy handed on my self so you don’t need loads on the brush so this palette will last you ages.


Highlighter Lights


this is a good highlighter palette I haven’t used it yet as I forgot I had it but when I swatched the colours I loved then especially the middle colour as its not to in your face. they are really blendable and by the looks of them when I swatched them you really don’t need a lot and in the palette that they come in they are pretty big so you wont have to buy any more highlighters for ages.


Ultra Brow Light To Medium


this is one of my favourite thing from makeup revoloution  i was soo happy when this came out i just had to have it for my kit. well it didn’t even make it to my kit i use this nearly everyday and iv hardly made a dent in it. i use brown side and then the highlighter and the eyebrow arch enchasing cream. and the amount of time ive caught my sister trying to use it i was even thinking about getting anther one for her she is only fair so she try’s to use the lighter side. i don’t use the pencil as i don’t like eyebrow pensils i never really have. :/


Cover & Conceal Light 


i haven’t really used this palette much as i only got it last week and i got it for my kit. i did try out the second colour on the top row as that’s the colour that goes with my face and it cover pretty well actually i was really impressed so im going to get the other colours to go in my kit also because carrying around one palette instead of 8 individual pots is so much easier.


The One Fluid Blusher

41when i first got this i didn’t like it at all but i have grown to like it abit more now ive used it in my airbrush and it works really well with and airbrush iv also used it by blending with a sponge or my fingers and it works well with that as well i got these when they wen on sale and they were kinda just a see what there like buy. they are really blendable but they are also really watery.




100% vamp,  Rebel with cause,  divine,  the one

i was really surprised with the lipstick because at £1 each i was abit sceptical and i actually really like them and they are really pigmented the 2 darker colours are mine and the other 2 are my little sisters and she also has a rebel with case. she loves them and she keeps on at me to get her more. these have a glossy finish to them.

Lip hug lipstick


i really like this lipstick even the it has a slite gloss finish its also abit matte which is good because i love matte lipstick it is also a really good nude colour and it was my fav lipstick until i lost it in one of my bags but now that iv found it again i think its going to be a favourite of mine again.

hope you’ve enjoyed reading and looking at the swatches. all swatches we pictured in a natural day time light and also i didn’t use any eye shadow bases with them.

until next time



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