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Barry M!!!

The story behind why im obsessed

when I lived in Spain there was very limited makeup brands out there so when my dad came over he would bring me a mixture of new makeup from different brands for me to try. he would give my aunty or one of his friends wife some money to go into Superdrug and get me some different things our if I had asked for a specific thing they would get me it along with a stack of magazines. I was sooo lucky. so anyway this particular time he came over with a couple new dvds, so magazines ie, cosmopolitan, glamour and a mix of about 10 dazzle dusts and fine glitter dusts and that was it I was hooked every this I would come back to England I would find myself buying them. I haven’t bought much of the newer stuff just because i’m trying to try some different brands now but I have a barry m wish list as long as my arm.

First of im going to start of with…

Dazzle Dust & Fine Glitter Dust

I love these produces soo much, I like that you can use then without a base and also you can use them with a base if you want the colours to pop more. the dazzle dusts are extremely pigmented and one of the best loose eye shadows out there and you don’t even have to limit them to eye shadow iv mixed them with clear gloss to make coloured lipstick, I’ve also used them on the cheeks and forehead when doing avent guard work and also in the hair when doing hair stencils so really you can use them for anything and everything. the glitter dust is soo glittery its unreal I ether use them onto of eye shadow but you can also use them on there own but its best to use a base with them. as like all loose eye shadows when applying there will be a bit of fall out so its best to ether have an eye shadow shields on or loose powder under the eye when applying.

fine glitter dust retail price £4.59

dazzle dust retail price £4.59

now for the swatches:

I have included 4 photo of each

1. whether its dazzle dust or fine glitter

2. the number of the colour

3. an open look at thhe loose powder

4. the swatch of the colour ( without a base)

(I wish you could have seen how glittery or shimmery these colour were in real life they were beautiful. some of the numbers have rubbed of so I apologise for that.)






this pink glitter cam in a kit with a brush and glitter fixing gel. this is such a beautiful glitter and the gel mad it stick really well but when I went through my glitter eyeliner stage the gel ran out so thats why its not photographed with the glitter. in the photo I done a swatch of the genie lipstick and I put this glitter over the top. I have used this glitter loads and I haven’t even mad a dent in it such amazing value for money.


Genie Lipstick

I bought this because when the genie lip gloss first came out it was a must and I wore it everyday. so when this lipstick came out me and one of my friends went into Superdrug and we just had to have it the best thing about this lipstick is that the colour is different for everyone it was lighter on me then my friend hers went dark. it is a glossy finish and it looks soo good on.

retail price £4.49


Lip Lacquer Crayon

these are soo nice to apply iv had them for a couple of years but I only opened them this year because they were never really my colour but the darker pink is such a beautiful colour its very shimmery and creamy, the lighter pink has like a blue iridescent when its on the lips and is such a unique colour. these aint on the Barry m website and I don’t think they have been for a long time but if they were I would defo buy more of the darker pink.


Soft Eye Crayon

iv used these as a eye shadow base and also as eyeliner they work great ether way. they are really soft and super easy to apply and blend.

retail price £3.99


Lip Liner

these lip liners are really easy to apply and also soft but not to soft that to much goes on. the photos don’t really do the colours justice because 2 is a bright dark pink and 11 in more purple then what it looks like in the swatch. I don’t really own many pink lipsticks so I haven’t used number 2 much unless I use it all over the lip which gives a beautiful matte look. I use 11 quite a lot and I have like 3 of them its one of my go to dark lip liners its also such a nice colour if you use it all over the lip.

retail price £2.99


Glossy Tubes

these lip glosses aint sticky at all like some other lip glosses that ive had and out of all of them my fav is number 6 as it has a blue shine in the pic when I went through my lipglos stage this was my go to lip gloss but they don’t do it on there website anymore 😦


Glitter Lashes

these were mine but I have to admit I gave them to my younger sister as she goes to a lot of discos and loves a bit of glitter. they are very glittery on the lashes and shes also used the in her hair and as body glitter so they really can be used for anything.


on my barry m wish list I have:

more dazzle dust

matte me up lip crayons

pout and about lip gloss palette

matte lip paint

more fine glitter dust

showgirl mascara

and that’s just the start 😀

thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!!

till the next time



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