Miss Junior Teen Cambridgeshire Inspiration 2015/2016

So a few months ago my sister entered miss inspiration via a photo round and she won the title of miss  Junior Teen Cambridgeshire Inspiration 2015/2016. She is  super excited as are we and we are so proud of her and everything she is doing.

she is going to the final in wales in April to hopefully she is going to win the miss junior teen category. if not then we hope she has loads of fun  and makes loads of new friends.

there are 3 rounds:

opening number (dance routine)

Outfit of choice

Evening gown

I have her sat with me so i’m going to do a Q&A with her

Q. what was it like when you found out you got though to the final?

A. i felt on top of the world because I never thought I was beautiful enough to be in the finals of a beauty pageant so I have gained a lot of confidence sins then.

Q. What are you most looking forward to?

A. I cant wait to go to wales and experience my first live beauty pageant and make so many new friends.

Q. What does your friends think of you going to the final?

A. well they was a bit surprised but their all really supportive.

Q. What are you most scared about?

A. i’m scared i’m going to trip over my evening gown because its so long iv got to have it taken up a bit.

Q. can you tell us a bit about what your evening gown is like?

A. well all I can tell you is that its blue, long and sparkly, you will have to wait for the photos to see what its like.

Q. did you have fun shopping for all of you dresses?

A. yes!!! I loved trying on loads of different dresses in the shop but the one I wanted they didn’t have my size and they would have to order it in but it wouldn’t have been there till may so that was a no no so I ended up ordering on online and I fell in love with it a soon as I see it I guess when you see the dress you just no its the one.

I wish her all the best and hope she comes out on top and brings the big crown home 🙂

I will be filming though out our trip to wales so ill post them on youtube 🙂

love you lots little sis Mwahh ❤

make-up used for the photos:

foundation – mac studio sculpt

powder – mac set powder

contour – makeup revolution contour palette

concealer – makeup revolution cover and concealer light to medium palette

Blush & highlight – makeup revolution blush palette sugar and spice

Eye shadow – makeup revolution beyond flawless

Eyeliner – mac fluidline

eye brows – makeup revolution ultimate eyebrow palette light to medium

lip stick – mac viva glam Ariana grande

until next time



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