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Makeup Before And After!!

Im not the most confident person with out make up because my skin is crap!!! when I was a teenager I never really had brake outs on my face I only really started to brake out when I was about 19 and its just kept coming from them on really ive tried so many different products but nothing seems to work :/ but I recently bought the garnier pure active intensive anti-spot exfoliating scrub and it seams to be doing the job, its dried up my spots and im just waiting for them to heel now were im a picker 😦

here’s my before make up picture :


I don’t no  why I have a massive kink in my plait hmm…

Step 1 of my daily makeup routine:

first I was wet my face with warm water and use my garnier pure active intensive anti-spot exfoliating scrub. I have oily skin but I do get a little dry patch between my eyebrows so this scrub is defiantly really good to remove black head, treat spots and remove any dead skin from the face. i rinse this off with warm water and then i splash my face with cooler water and pat dry. * never rub the skin dry*

you can get this from boots click here to go to the boots website  RP £2.39


Step 2:

with having oily skin my makeup tends to go shiny very quickly so I always us the pro mattify from freedom its amazing I only apply it to mu t-zone I do apply it with a brush because I don’t want any oil from my fingers to go on to my face.

click here to go to the freedom website  RP £5.00


Step 3:

i then squeeze foundation spots all over my face using my  MAC nc15 studio sculpt foundation and then i use my real techniques stippling brush and blend it into my skin using circular motions making sure that my whole face is covered i also take the foundation into my hairline, on my ears and down my neck so that there is no foundation lines.

click here for the real technique stippling brush RP £11.99

  here for the mac foundations  RP £25.50


Step 4:

i used my Make up revolution cover and conceal palette and i use the lightest colour in the palette. i apply with a little concealer brush and the blend with my beauty blender. i have the palette in light.

click here to find the make up revolution palette



Step 5:

first i pat my MAC set powder under my eyes leaving loose powder under my eyes then i apply the powder all over my face fist patting it on so it really sets my foundation then i dust the access off using circular motions all over my face and under my eyes. the brush i use is the real technique bold metals 100 brush.

click here to go to the real technique brush RP £25.00

click here to go to the MAC set powder ( i have colour invisible) RP £22.50


Step 6:

EYEBROW TIME!!! first i out line my brows with my freedom Pro Brow Pomade in Soft Brown then fill them in from the middle of my brows to the point of my brows then i tapper them forward to create an ombre affect then i set them with the darkest eyebrow powder in my makeup revolution brow palette and the i blend the darkest blonde powder for the light ombre part of my brows. then i apply the high light under my brow arch.

click here  for the freedom Pro Brow Pomade Soft Brown RP £5.00

click here Make up revolution Ultra Brow -Fair to Medium  RP £7.99


Step 7:

first i apply my freedom Mono Eye shadow Base 204 all over my lid just to give a clean matte finish to the eye. i then apply my Color Trend Pencil Eyeliner from Avon, I apply this to my bottom and top waterline. I literally buy like 5 of these when ever i order them because its one of the only pencil eyeliners that I will use i’ve been using this sins i was like 13 and its also one of my favs. Then I apply my Rimmel Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner  in Black Glamour to create my flicks, I then finish of with Rimmel London Extra 3D Lash Mascara  in Extreme Black

click here for Rimmel London Extra 3D Lash Mascara RP £4.99

click here for Color Trend Pencil Play Eyeliner RP £3.00

click here for Mono Eye shadow Base 204 RP £1.00

click here for Rimmel Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner Black Glamour RP £5.29


Step 8:

now to contour!!! i only use cream contour if im going on a night out so dad to day i just use a powder and my favourite is the Ultra Contour Palette from makeup revolution i used the first brown contour colour and for my high light i used the White/gold highlight which is my fav highlight of all time. to apply my contour i used my bold metals real technique contour brush and then to blend i used the real technique contour brush from the core collection to blend then i applied the high light to my cheek bones.

click here for Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour RP £22.00
click here for Real Techniques Core Collection


Step 9:

Lippy time!!! first i lined my lips with MAC lip liner in Soar and then filled my lips in with MAC matte lip stick in mehr.

click here  for MAC lipstick

click here  for Mac Lip liner


Step 10:

and then i finish with 2 sprays of my freedom fixing spray to make sure my make up stay put all day 😀

click here for Fixing Spray 100ml


and then this is my after photo…


hope you enjoyed 🙂 until next time



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