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Real Technique

Iv always been into makeup sins I was a little girl but never really cared much for makeup brushes unless they were for the eyes and then a big powder brush for my powder it wasn’t till I was at college doing make up that I realised I really did need a variety of different makeup brushes and now i’m a brush and lipstick addict I swear. Real technique brushes are super soft, amazing quality and really easy to clean.

The Core Collection

the core collection was the first set that I got and my nan got this for me when we was in superdrug (I had forgotten my purse 😉 ).

in the core collection you get:

Detailer brush : I use this brush mainly for the lips it is defiantly one of my go to lip brushes but you can also use it for concealer or you can use it around your lipstick or eyebrows to clean up around them.

Pointed foundation brush: I don’t use this as a foundation brush as I find it to small so I use it to apply my lighter colour when I’m contouring. with it being a bit smaller it gets right in to all the right places.

Contour brush: this can be really good used for ether the highlight or the dark powder contour. I use it to blend in my contour as the pointed round edge really gets in to the hollow of the cheek’s and creates a flawless contour. but saying that I have also used it for a highlighter brush but you have to be really carful not to over load the brush and end up looking like a disco ball.

Buffing brush: on the Superdrug website it says this brush is meant for * powder and mineral foundation*  but I use it for blusher and also to blend my contour out some times as I find it a little to small for my powder. but it blends my products really well.

I got these form Superdrug they are £20.99



Nic’s Picks:

I bought this set in December 2014 I fell in love with the silver and black look to them thy are so stunning and sooo soft I love everything about these brushes.

in this set you get:

Cheek brush: this is a really good brush to blend colour or  to soften bronzers/ highlighters and also to blend your contour.

Duo-fiber face brush:  this brush is really good for foundation and its one of my go to brushes to uses on clients when it comes to a foundation as it really gets the product in to the skin and leaves a lineless/ flawless finish to the foundation.

Angled eye shadow brush: this brush is best used in my opinion to blend crease colours or apply and all over eye colour.

Base eye shadow brush: I use this brush to apply an all over base colour and then also its great for blending in the outer corners of the eye to create a smoky eye look.

Eyeliner brush: I am always using this brush for eyeliner because of the short bristles its so easy to control were your eyeliner goes its also really good for applying gel eyebrow produces and gives a really defined look.

I cant remember how much I paid for this set I think it was about £20 in the before xmas sale but I have looked but I cant find were sell’s this set anymore :(.


Bold Metal:

these brushes are just STUNNING!! a soon as they came out I bought these as they are so beautiful, soft and  amazing I could go on and on at how much these are some of my favourite brushes. the waits in them I thought was going to be a down side my I really like that there weighted as they do make it easier to use them and there not to heavy  ether.

301 Contour: this is good for ether cream contour and also powder I use it to apply the products and then use buffing brush from the core collection to blend so there isn’t a harsh contour line. some times I find myself just feeling this brush and the 100 powder brush along my face because they are soo soft :).

201 Pointed Crease: this brush is soo good to applying colour to the outer corners, inner corners and also the lower lash like and it blends the eye shadow really well.

100 Powder: I use this brush all the time for powder its one of my favourite powder brushes  and it gives such a nice flawless finish and it is soo soft on the face.

I got these from Boots and they range from £10-£25


Stippling Brush:

I love this brush I bought this about 4 weeks ago and its my new favourite foundation brush it leaves my skin flawless and it  has seemed to make my foundation last longer on my skin, it don’t leave lines on the skin and also is so light wait and easy to use my foundation seams to cover up my imperfection’s a lot better sins I have been using this brush it is definitely one that every one needs in there makeup bag.

I got this brush from Superdrug and it was £10.99


everyone needs at least one real technique brush in the makeup bag or kit there super easy to clean and use 🙂

hope you liked my post 🙂

until next time



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