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Royal and Langnickel

I first discovered royal and langnickel brushes in 2011 when I went to salons international with my college course . I bought the Pink Essential Synthetic 13pc Travel Kit and still to this day (2016), I use them every day. to be honest these are one of the best makeup brush brands that I have ever used. I eve bought some of there paint brushes for when I did  body painting at college and they were also amazing.

Pink Essential Synthetic 13pc Travel Kit

I have had these brushes sins 2011 and its now 2016 so that’s 5 years and they are still amazing and there’s no shedding in them what so ever. When they have been washed they still look brand new. these brushes are by far one of the best purchases that I have ever bought. the quality of these brushes are amazing as well.

In this brush kit you get:

201 Powder

202 Blush

203 Sponge

204 LG Eye Shader

205 Finishing Fan

206 MD Eye Shader

207 Smudger

209 Lash

210 Angled Brow

211 Detail Liner

212 Brow / Lash Comb

214 Concealer

216 Foundation

( my fan brush and sponge brush has gone missing so I couldn’t put them in the photo 😦  you also get a cute pink brush holder with the brushes but my younger sister stole mine )

to buy this set click here  RP £39.99


 my next purchase from this brand was…

 Love Is… Hopeful – 12pc Brush Kit

as soon as I see this brushes online I fell in love with them they came in all different colours but I got the yellow set and I really wasn’t disappointed they are beautiful and soo soft and when they came in the post I made everyone feel how soft they were and they was all so shocked, but I wasn’t because I new that the quality was going to be amazing. i was soo afraid to uses them because they were so lovely and i just wanted them to sit on my table looking all pretty but i just could resist using them they make my makeup look really flawless. they also come in a blue make up brush holder and its soo handy and you can use both sides to store your makeup brushes in if there on a dressing table . These brushes are also 100% Vegan.

what you get in this brush kit:






 Angled  Shader




Line and Smudge

Flat Smudger


to get this kit click here  RP £47.99

my new purchases were from the….

MODA collection

I have been waiting ages for these to come to the uk as soon as i see them on their instagram i just new i had to get some. When they finally came to the uk the whole MODA collection was half price for 3days ( finally a deal i didn’t miss)i ordered them on the Friday and they got delivered the next Tuesday so the delivery was pretty quick because i don’t really could Saturday and Sunday, when they came i definitely  wasn’t disappointed they look and feel great and i just cant wait to use them. In the ezglam duo packs you get a style guide on how to use the brushes correctly and what they are used for, it includes a step by step written guide and also a picture guide and also on how to clean your brushes. it is pretty amazing how much detail royal and langnickel have put in to making the brushes not only look and feel their best but also to create a how to guide with them and gives us a brief description of what they are used for on the back of every pack .. they are just spoiling us :). they are also 100% vegan. i wish i could have bought one of each they was so many i could have bought and there are also different colours so that there’s a colour to suit everyone :).

i got the :

Perfect Mineral 6pc brush set – powder brush, crease/smudger brush, brow brush, eye shader, duo fiber brush.

Stippler brush

Contour brush

Ezglam Duo Kits:

Cat Eyes – Eye shader brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush.

Smoky Eye – Crease/Smudge brush, MD eye shader

to shop the whole MODA Collection  click here  RP from £3.99 – £15.99


let me no your thoughts on the royal and langnickel brushes 🙂

until next time



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