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ive never tried SEVENTEEN before so I thought I would start with some of their lip products. as im obsessed with lip products ATM :).

SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stain

these lip stains are soo good they really do last on your lips and they are definitely one of the better lip stains that I have used. I wish I new what colours I had got but I cant remember and they don’t say the name of the colour on the actual lip stain its self. not only dose this lip stain come with a felt tip end so its super easy to apply it also comes with  a lip balm moisturiser on the other end to keep your lips hydrated.

SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stain  RP £4.99


Seventeen Lip Crayons

these lip crayons are really good and they go on quite sheer but the colour is very buildable  so the more you put on the brighter the colour is. I must admit I haven’t really used the orange one but it was a colour I just had to have as it was soo cute but I have used the purple and the nude one as just a sheer colour.

Seventeen Lip Crayons  RP £4.99


Seventeen Lip Lustre

sorry about the swatches I don’t no what happened to my camera :/. these colours are soo cute as there not colours I would normally go for to be honest. the 1st colour I got was..

ICE MAIDEN its kinda pink but has a slight peach undertone with a little bit of shimmer, its such a strange colour but its so beautiful.

the second colour I got was..

HOTTING UP this is just a flat colour and its quite orang but when you see it in person it have a very slight pink undertone.

and finally I got

TALK THAT TALK this is my favourite colour out of all 3 its a light pink and it looks like it has a slight orange undertone but I think that’s the glitter reflecting in the gloss as by the looks of it it has a gold glitter in it but when you see it shining it looks like there is another glitter colour in it but I just cant put my finger on what the colour could be, as in different lights it seams to change. but this is my fav gloss at the moment.

Seventeen Lip Lustre RP £3.99


so overall I was very inpressed with these products and really cant wait to try more :).

hope you have enjoyed this post if you did don’t for get to follow and commenet I would love to know what you thought about the Seventeen products 😀



just a note … sorry about the quality of the images in this post I don’t no what happened but on my phone they looked really vibrant and colourful yet on my laptop their not as bright so I apologize


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