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Estee Lauder double wear foundation

Estee Lauder double wear foundation

i have never tried any estee lauder products before but i have been eyeing up this foundation for a while now.

when i was in wales for the miss inspiration beauty pageant with my sister we met up with some old friends and i mentioned this foundation and my friend was telling me how good it was, so i ended up going to the makeup counter and asking for the foundation, she didn’t really understand my accent but after ten mins of trying to communicate with the lovely lady she  matched my skin to the foundation and i got matched to the colour 1N2 ECRU  in other foundations i wear ivory. she also gave me a cute little tester bottle as well.

the next day was the day of the pageant so i thought what better day to try this foundation out i did my makeup at 8am and i set my new foundation with my mac setting powder. all day i was running up and down stairs and in a hot and stuffy room doing quick changes on my sister ready for the different rounds of the pageant and i was amazed that my foundations was still perfect i wasn’t shiny or anything the pageant finished about 6pm and we got back to the hotel room and i  had to apply a little powder to my tzone but i was still looking flawless. then we travelled the 5 hour journey back home and got home about 11.30pm and my makeup was still on point and i had been asleep in the car and everything.

so im really impressed with this foundation. the coverage is good considering the foundation isn’t a thick consistency. i honestly didn’t no what to expect with this foundation as my skin throughout the day gets really oily and most foundations just slide off but as it is oil free i thought it would be a really good one to try and im so glad i did so i will be swapping to this foundation from now on and i cant recommend it enough.

Estee Lauder double wear foundation


sins trying this foundation i want to try more estee lauder products so let me no your recommendations 🙂 and let me no your opinion on this foundation cant wait to here from you :).



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