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when I was younger all I used was pressed powder but now that im older I use loose powder, but when I saw this in my local superdrug I thought I would give it a try and for £2.50 it would have been silly not to to be honest.

so my over all thoughts on this is that its good it does what its meant to and it has a shimmer in it so it does brighten up you face but if you use to much it can become cakey and look like a disco ball so when using this you need to make sure you knock the access off your brush when you use it I also recommend using a brush and not a sponge to apply this as you have more control over how much you apply with a brush.

if your not a high lighter sort of person or the thought of using to much scares you then this could be a first step as it has the shimmers  in it so you could set your whole face with a matte powder and then set your highlight arrears with this to give you a very natural glow that’s probably what I will be using this for from now on as my daily natural highlighter.  the colour I got was ivory.

MUA Pro Matte Satin Pressed Powder Ivory


have you tried this pressed powder let me no your thoughts in the comments 🙂 look forward to hearing from you.



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