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gosh are one of my favourite brand when it comes to lipstick even though they don’t have 100’s of colour they have a wide variety of colours whether your looking for normal lipsticks or matte they have them both. personally im a matte lip kinda girl but as you can see in my previous post about my gosh lip sticks I have a variety of both.

I have resently added to my gosh matte collection and I got 011 nougat and 012 raisin. when I came home from Superdrug and I see that one of the colours said nougat I thought I had bought the original nougat again so I was going to give it to my nan then I realised when I went and got my original nougat that I had bought the matte one thank god :).

ive been looking for a brown colour for a while now and when I see and swatches  raisin I just had to have it but they didn’t have it instock  so I had to go back the next week and I finaly got my hadns on it .. I recoment gosh lipstics to everyone.

gosh matte nougat RP £6.99

Gosh Matte Raisin RP £6.99


 Let me no what your favourite gosh velvet touch lipstick is whether its in the original line or the matte line 🙂



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