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Kylie Lip Kits



let me First start of with saying that I LOVE these liquid lipsticks, I literally wear them nearly everyday . the formulas are good, the colours are good, they last a long time, their not drying on the lips, their light weight and I would recommend them to everyone. I cant wait till more colours come out and to get the glosses.

the first colour I ordered was true brown as it was the only colour left in stock when I found out that there was a re stock. it took 5 days to get a shipping email and the from then it took 2 weeks to get to me as it got stuck in customs for about 10 days and then I got a £13.06 charge.

my second order was posie, candy and dolce. I got the shipping email about 5 days after and with in 6 days I had them and they were ordered the week after my first order and they actually came the day before my first order. I had no customs charge or anything.

my third order was kourt, mary jo and koko. took about 4-5 days to get my shipping email and then took about 6 days to get to me and again no customs charges.

my forth order was exposed, reign and heir this took about 5 days to get the shipping email and then it took about  10days from then to get to me and there was a shipping charge or £17.07.

To get all info on when kylie is restocking follow Nadia on instagram she is constantly posting restock dates and times. if it wasn’t for her instagram I probably wouldn’t have any lip kits :).

How you will no if your kits are stuck at uk customs

this might not be defiant but this is my experience.

the first photo is my tracking for my 3rd order that I DID NOT have to pay customs on and you see that it went from departed London to processed with in 2 days and my second order went from departed to processed the next day so its pretty quick going through if you haven’t got to pay custom charges.

the second photo is my 4th order that I PAYED customs on and as you can see it was stuck in customs for 6days. my first order I made it was stuck in customs for about 10days.

so if its in the departed London stage for a long time then you will most probably be looking at a charge.

once its at the processed through facility uk stage pop your tracking number in the royal mail tracker to track your lip kits from there. this might not be the same for everyone but in my 4 orders its been like this. hope this helps 😀






candy is my go to colour out of all of them I find that iv used this one the most. I done the food test with this colour and I had a dominos pizza but sadly it didn’t last but ohh well I didn’t expect it to anyways.

True brown

I love true brown so much and it really dose look great in photos also it seams to make your lips look bigger which is always a plus if you have small lips like mine. I also put this colour to the food test and I had a Chinese and I can say it really did last all I had was a little line missing on the inner of my lips but you wouldn’t be able to tell it was missing.


I really wasn’t going to get this colour because I don’t really like light pinks and iv seen some swatches and the colour looked to light for me but I got it anyways because I had also seen some swatches were it was a really nice pink so I just hoped it looked nice on me. when I got it and swatched it on my lips I instantly new that I had made a really good decision in buying it. I kinda put it through a food test as I ate a chicken and stuffing sandwich whilst wearing it and can say it definitely stayed on.


Iv only  worn this colour once to go out in so far and im going to make more of an effort to wear it because it really is a beautiful colour. I put it to a food test of chips, lettuce and mayo and I also was drinking coke or water all night and it stayed put.

Posie, Mary jo

I haven’t worn these colours out yet but im dyeing to wear them some were.


iv only worn this colour once and that was the first day that I got it and it is a really nice nude it does seam to be a more orange tone nude which is okay and it is a nice colour and I will wear it a lot. but for my skin tone I like to have a slight pink tone to a nude as it looks better on me.

Reign, Heir

I love these colours I actually got heir for my nan as she really liked the colour when I was getting ready to order so I bought it for her as a little treat but I think I will be nicking it from time to time. she has worn it every day sins getting it. the only thing im not to keen on is that they don’t seam to dry as the other mattes do which is fine but they don’t last as long. and there a lot easier to remove.

Kourt k

I love the kourt colour its not to great to apply the first time I applied it it went all patchy and every time I would go to patch it up it would wipe its self off at this point I was frustrated and not in pressed as I really do love the colour so I gave up. but a few days later I wanted to give I a second chance this time I covered my whole lips in the liner and then applied the liquid lipstick and it had a much better coverage but its still not as good as the others.

the only colour I didn’t get was 22 only because I really don’t think its a colour I would wear and I really don’t have any clothes to go with it.

Here are some selfies wearing some of the colours.

     Candy k , Dolce k , Exposed , Koko k

Mary Jo k , Posie k , True Brown k

 ^^^ I wonder which side is my good side haha 😀

hope you have all enjoyed this post let me no what colours you think should come out next im hoping for a burgundy. also let me no what your favourite colour is 🙂




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