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BeautyBay Haul




Last week I put in 2 Beauty Bay orders, this was the first time I have ordered from beauty bay and I everything got delivered the next day which is amazing because I am so impatient.

My first order was:

  • 2 L.A. GIRL pro concealers  1 in classic ivory and one in toast .I got these because I always see on instagram  everyone using them for contouring so I thought I would get them to give it a try.
  • 6 MAKEUP GEEK normal eye shadow pans and for £4.95 they are so worth it I got the colours latte, mocha, cocoa bear, Americano, beaches & cream and crème brulee. I have been wanting to get some of these eye shadows sins they came out in America i was going to order some on there web sight and get them shipped to the uk when they first came out but i new i would get hit with customs so i just weighted till they came out here. so i finally have some now and im so excited to use them on myself and clients.
  • a MORPHE brush  the brush I got was the M503 Pro Firming Blending Fluff Brush. i have seen loads of people rave about these brushes so i just had to get one to try and i just cant wait to get more and i will be buying another couple of the brush i already have as well.

so the next day my order came and I was soo happy but realised I had forgot to get a z-palette for my amazing new eye shadows so I new I just had to place another order to get one. so I when on to beauty bay and I just kept saying to myself ” i only need a z palette” so I put a pink one in my basket and then I find myself looking at the makeup geek eye shadows again.

In my second order I ended up getting:

  • A Large Pink z Palette
  • 4 makeup geek eye shadows 2 normal pans in Peacock and mermaid and 2 Duochrome  eye shadow pans in Backlight and secret garden.
  • and lastly I got another L.A. GIRL pro concealer in porcelain the reason why I got another concealer is because the classic ivory seamed to be to dark and yellow for my skin.

my second order cam the next day so I didn’t have to wait long to get them all in my new z palette.

here are some swatches and what my z palette looks like at the moment.

1st row: beaches & cream, crème brulee, latte, cocoa bear, mocha, Americano.2nd row: Peacock, Mermaid, backlight (duo), secret garden (duo).


Makeup geek swatches.


la girl concealer:


Morphe M503:


i will be doing a proper review post about the concealers and also the makeup geek eye shadows when iv had time to sit down and have a play with them.

i literally have a book and its got everything that i would like from beauty bay and all the different colours of the makeup geek eye shadows that i like so that i don’t forget what the colours are that i like then when i get some i cross them off. but this time about 5 of the colours i got wasn’t even on my list but i’m so glad that i got them.

have you got a beautybay wish list? if so i would love to no whats on it 🙂





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