make up

Mini W7 haul

I went to spring fields in Spaulding last week and went in the beauty outlet shop there and I got a few bits. I see loads that I wanted but I didn’t really want to go over the top in buying things at that moment because my sister birthdays is coming up so I need to get her presents sorted before I go all out on buying things that I don’t need haha.

So the first thing I picked up was the 2 mini power puffs as I have been wanting the beauty blender version of these but when I see them I thought I would just get these to try at the moment and they are soooooo cute and super soft I thought they were going to be really stiff but they aren’t and they are pink which is one of my favourite colours. so they were defiantly a “worth it” buy. These are also really good for blending concealer and nose contour.

Next up I got the Lip Legend Matte Topcoat. I did try this out on one of my fav non matte lipsticks  i will be doing a full post on  this to show you how it works.

Finally I got the KABROW this is for the eyebrows obvs and I really didn’t no what colour to get as they only had 3 colours in and this is the darkest colour as the blond was way to light and even the medium brown was really light. This one seemed to dark so that was the only problem with this. when I tried it out it did come up a little dark  But that being said once i had blended it out it was nt that bad but it still was slightly dark so i will definitely be using it again and i think im going to get another colour but this time slightlyslightly lighter as it was super easy to use and my eyebrows were perfect. I have included an eyebrow swatch so you can see what colour this came out.

Hope you enjoyed this post let me no what your favourite W7 products 🙂



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