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New Mac Lipstick

13625174_10157105489150032_1473299217_nI went on a eyelash course in Norwich a couple of weeks ago and we finished a little early so me and my friend thought we would go for a walk to make and just have a brows. I said to my friend don’t let me buy anything and what do I  do I come out with a new lipstick and lip liner. I have been crushing on this colour for so long so when they had it in stock I just couldn’t resist I had to have it.

I got the lipstick in antique velvet which is a brown matte , but I found that this lipstick wasn’t quite as matte as  my other mac mattes which is a bit disappointing but I really do love the colour so I will still wear it.

The lip liner I got was  bittersweet which is a pro longwear lip liner and this is my first pro longwear lipliner and im totally in love with it it goes on so easy and smooth I will definitely getting some more.

here are some swatches:

let me no what your favourite mac lipstick is 🙂 cant wait to here from you



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