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kylie cosmetics 2

So first i got the lip kit in maliboo and i was so excited for this colour to come out as its very cool toned and i love cool colours i dont no why but i do. so this colour is a cool toned pinkie colour it is such a stunning colour i really do love it and have worn it alot sins i got it.

Next i got the birthday edition lip kit and the colour is leo. I was so so so sooo excited when i see this colour because burgandy lipsticks are may fav and with the colder months coming up its such a good colour to wear. I really do love this colour it is alot darker then i expected but thats not a problem. I have noticed that when it drys its slightly sticky i dont no why but it is and its ALOT easyer to remove. And ive seen on istagram and youtube that alot of people that got this found it quite patchy but i havent which i was very happy about as i was worried that it was going to be like kourt k and just be so patchy that i couldnt wear it but its not and i love it.

Next up i got the candy gloss. Now im really not a gloss person and i was very undesided if i was going to get any glosses or not but i put candy in my basket and then left it, then the day of the birthday edition stuff came out so when i put leo in my basket and went to the checkout i see that i hade the gloss still in it but i didnt have time to start all over again so i just got it. Im so glad i did get it because paired with the candy lipliner is sooo nice to wear and not sticky at all but i did find that when its on its own it twnds to seperate i have no idea why it does this but it is annoying. But that said i have been wearing it but with the lipliner but that also stops the glos from bleeding so it doesnt really matter anyway.

And finaly i got the cosmetic bag now when i saw this i loved it and how big it looked . Well when it came i can say i was very disapointed with it to be honest because it was so small for the price it was couldnt beleve it i swear when kylie put it on snapchat and was taking everything out of it i thought it was going to be a large makeup bag but it wasnt.i still love the bag but i strongly feel that it really shouldnt have been as much as it was or it should have been bigger.

Here are some swatches 

Let me no what you think to the product or if you have had any problems with the producs in the coments 🙂 


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