make up

24th birthday

These sort of blogposts are some of my favourite post to read so i thought i would do one aswell.

so on october 1st i turned 24 years old i no im getting old and its so scary getting older because i juts think that in 2 years i will be closer to 30 then i am to 20, but i have made a decision that once i turn 25 i will no longer age and just have my 25th over and over again.

i was very lucky as my best friend came all the way from hull on the friday night to spend my birthday with me we didnt do much but it was so good haveing her down for the night first we went to tesco and got some krispy kream donuts my tesco have only just started doing them and they were sooo nice then we went to frankie & bennys and had desert i had the eton mess as its my favourite desert of all time and i cant remember what the desert  was called that coralie and my little sister had but it had chocolate sauce, Maltesers, cream and ice cream and it also looked really yummy then on the way home we picked up kfc and sometimes our kfc can be really gross but on my birthday it was very very tasty everything was fresh and yummy. heres some photos

so anyway all i asked for this year is a coat and makeup so heres what i got:
the perfume Ari by Ariana Grande omg this smells amazing i smelt this in boots a couple days before my birthday and fell in live with this. i think it will be on my chrismas list aswell.

i also got the semi sweet chocolatebar palette from too faced this is my very first product from too faced and i can definitely say that i really like this brand so far. i love it the smell that this palette gives  and also the colours. i was torn between this one and the original chocolate bar palatte but i think that will be on my Christmas list. i also got the kat von d lock it conceler in N9 and even tho i guessed my colour it couldnt be a more perfect match and also the product its self is amazing im eyeing up the foundations now. i also got the kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in exorcism its a beautiful purple shade and perfect for this season.

i also got a new beauty blender this was at the top of my list as my orther on has a tiny rip in it and i just couldnt throw it away. then i got a makeup geek eyeshadow in drama queen this is such a beautiful shade and it was a nice addiction to my zpalette. then i got some eyelashes i got the eylure 141 and also there was supost ot be 035 aswell but they never came but there on the way now as superdrug forgot to put them in my order . ive never tryed the 141 but  cant wait to use them when i go out on the 15th.

iv knows about morphe for a while now and brought a blending brush from them a couple months ago and loved it so i put a couple more on my birthday list i love using them and there soo good and easy to use. i also got my first ever zoever brush the one i got is an eyebrow brush and i love the look of it and the colour and i cabt wait to use it.

i love these i so needed a new diary for next year but i couldnt find one that i liked but my cousin just gets me i love verything thats glittery i cant wait for 2017 and start using it. i also got an L candle and its so cute but im probably never going to use it as i dont want to ruin it but i have it on my dressing table and it goes soo well with my room.

i also got this beautiful glittery L light and asoon as i opend it i hung it on my wall its so pretty and goes with my room so well i love it.

i also got this birthday hamper i still havent riped it open yet because it just looks so lovely and its packed with loads of my favourite things.

i also got this coat its from new look and its so warm and comfie i cant wait to wear it now that its getting colder. excuse the horrible photo of my face lol.

i also got this present and its by far the cutest present that i got.

i also got a longline bomber jacket, a putple shirt and some chocolate.  aswell i ordered a bunch of colour pop products as a birthday presnet to my self 🙂

 and im so greatfull to everyone for the stuff i got and the love i recived for my birthday. i am in no way braging at what i got i just love to read others like this as it gives me inspo for what to get or stuff i would like to try 🙂 


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