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Primark matte lip crayon

i see these in primark and i just had to get them to try. they are super creamy and there matte what more could you ask for. they are alsi really pigmented for how cheap they was i think they was £2 or £1.50 i  really remember but i will definitely get more of these and i might get my sister some for chrismas aswell. these ars realy good to just put on if your in a hurry aswell as they last so long but you will need to do touch ups if your eating or drinking. i got the colours mushroom and nude beach and im so glad i got these colours as they are beautiful.i have 2 primarks near me one is 30mis one way and the other is 30mins the other way so i i get to choose wich one i go to and i have noticed that ine of them its so hard to find makeup that havent been opend and tested but the one in Peterborough there were a couple open but most of them was all sealed and okay to buy. 

here are some swatches.

let me no if you have tryed these lip crayons and what colour is your favourite.


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