make up

Kyliner & love bite

LOVE BITE is such a beautiful colour and a great addition to the kylie lip kit collection its a purple shade and its a realy unique kind of purple the only problem i have with it its that its smodges and its not as dry as the others and can feel a little cakey. that being said i do love the shade and cant wait to wear it more. here is a swatch:

KYLINER okay so im very inpressed with this when i used it the gel eyeliner went on so easy and it dryed so quickly wich is good because if yo have hooded eyes like mine then you will no the quicker it drys the better to avoid it transferring to the eye lid. the pencil eyeliner is extremely good aswell as its sooper creamy and it lasted for hour on my water line and didnt come of. when i washed my makeup or everything came of except my eyeliner which is good because you never no when you need extra strong staying eyeliner.

have you tryed the kylie kyliner yet if you have let me no what you thought 😀


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