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when i first saw colour pop on instagram and loads of youtubers raving about the brand i new i had to try them but at this point they didnt ship to the uk or to get them here you would have to get them sent to a postal service to them get them to ship to the uk so that whole prosses just gave me a headache just thicking about it so i waited and waited. then they announced that they were shipping to the uk i was over the moon but i didnt order straight away as i was ordering alot of Kylie lip kits which made me skint haha. But just before my birthday i got an email saying that they was having free internatinal shipping so i thought i would treat myself for my birthday. The shipping prosses was the same a a kylie order and to be honest my colourpop order was actually quicker in getting though customs. i did have to pay a customs fee of about £14 but i wasnt to bothered as i didnt have to pay shipping. 
oh and before i forget there is free international shipping over $50 for the rest of the year so if your thinking of ordering then now is the best time. 

now on to what i ordered 

first up i got the foxy mini kit and i git this because i thought if u got this then it would be more colours to try and play with and im so glad i did get it as it really does have some lovely colours that i wouldnt have brought. i was abit suprised at how mini they actually were but that being said they are super handy just to pop in your handbag or an over night bag as they dont take up much room. i really like beeper and clueless and im thinking about getting them two in the full sized liquid lipstics.

 They are $18 so they are roughly  around £14-£15 thats what my money converteris saying anyway.

here are some swatches of this mini kit

next up i got 4 ultra matte liquid lipsticks  in Notion, Viper, Lumiere 2 and Are &Be. Then i got 1 ultra satin lipstick in Dopey.

I love the formulas of these products and they are supper nice to apply and all the ones i got non of them go patchy which is really good. i can definitely see what people mean when they say that the formulas are the same or very similar and i do agree that they are kinda similar. 

if anyone is thinking about trying colourpop lipstics i would definitely say do it i love them and wish i had tryed them sooner and got more. im even thinking of getting some for my cousin and my sister for Christmas as for what you get and the quality of the products they are such a bargin and well worth it.

they are $6 which works out at around £4.90-£5 so my conver says. which is amzing for how much your getting.

here are my swatches

And finaly i got 2 matte lippy sticks in lumiere and cami. i actully really like these and they are super easy to apply without having to use lip liner wich is always a plus. Even though they are matte they aren’t drying or sink in to the lines on your lips. i do think im going to buy some more of these i just dont no what colours yet 😀.

These are also $6  which works out at around £4.90-£5 so my conver says.

here are my swatches

you can purchase colourpop on their website

im definitely going to be ordering more and also i have my eye on some eyeshadows and high lighters aswell so keep your eyes peeled


apply a lip balm or lip oil to the lips before you put on your makeup and leave it on untill you have finished. Then wipe it of befor applying your lipstick/liquid lipstick so that they go on better and your lips stay hydrated under your lipstick.

let me no what your favourite colourpop product is or colour 🙂 


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