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clean and clear moisturiser

I have been looking for an oil free moisturiser for ages now. i have never used a moisturiser on my face beacuse i have really oily skin but as im getting older my skin dont feel its best and feels quite dehydrated. 

i have always had quite oily skin so everything i get such as face wash, makeup remover and even foundation i always gravitate to the oil free products. but latelyi have seen a change in my skin, even thought it still gets oily i get dry eyebrows and also in between my eyebrows get abit flaky, the tip of my nose also gets dry and somefines i get flaky paches on my checks now. So i decided its time to get a moisturiser, But i new i have do get an oil free one eles i would look like the grease monster. so when i was doing the weekly shop in asda i spoted the clean and clear oil free moisturiser. I just new i had to try it and not only is it oil free but it also helps prevent spots and blemishes which im prone to getting :(. 

i have been trying out this product for 2 weeks now i apply it every morning and night after i have washed my face  and i have notest a huge change in my skin. it looks alot more brighter, tighter, cleaner and hydrated. Also with it beeing oilfree it dont leave me greasy at all and if anything it controls the oils as i have also noticed that my skin hasnt been getting as oily as it did before i started using this product. it retails for £3.25  and you can purchase it from superdrug , Boots , asda and tesco

i would recoment this product to all my oily friends out there definitely give it a try. i love it and i will definitely be making sure i always have a spare just incase.

let me no if you have tryed the clean and clear dual action oil free moisturiser and what you think of it. 


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