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What I Got For Christmas 

These are my favourite post to read and also favourite videos to watch on youtube so i thought i would do mine and i am in no way bosting or anything imnso greatfull for everything i got and all my family  aswell. 

Here is a photo of everything i got. Thank you so much for my gifts everyone.

So lets get started on a few bits i picked out ….

First up for my other half i got the mark hill pick’n’mix wand handle, eclipse curler and also the wicked waver. I live these and as soon as i see the i was like omg Need! Sins chrismas i have used these so much.

My nan never knows what to get me so she just gave me money before Christmas  so i could order the stuff i wanted but i had to wrap them all up and put them under the tree. The first things i ordered with my money was so of the kylie holiday collection  i got the metal matte in dancer, the gloss in jolly, the lip kit in vixen  then i also got the normal lipkit in spice and the normal eyeshadow palette in the burgandy palette. I also got some jumpers from and a bag from river Island. 

These were also from my other half i have been crushing on the mac extra dimension skin finish for ages i love it i have worn it every time i have done my makeup sins chrismas.  also he got me 2 mascara.

Okay so these are my favourite gift. It was so hard to get a good photo of these just to show how pretty they are they are the pandora snowflake earings and im just obssessed with snowflakes i love them so much.

How cute are these little sponges i still have them in there box’s because they are just soo cute. I also got this cute little L bracelet and some hairdressing scissors hair pins wich are soo cute. I also got a little crystallised micky mouse air freshener for my car.

How cute is this tin. I got from my aunt,uncle and cousin the kissy missy benefit kit and it was so founny because my cousin said to me ” my mum see it and said that you like to make your lips bigger” and omg it is soo true. I still havent tryed it out yet but i will be doing soon.

My aunt,uncle and cousin also got me this brush set and its so funny because i was actully going to buy it my self not so long ago so i was so excited when i see they had got me this. 

With some of my nans money i also got a couple of sleek products when i bought the oh so special palette and the solstice palett i got the ultra matte v2 darks palette free wich was a bonus.

Real techniques are one of my favourite brush makes so when my other half got me these i was soo happy and iv used a few of them already.

I also love candles and these smell amazing and so does my room at the minute. 

I got this from my other halfs mum and she also got me another candle set and she gave me £10 i love candles so much and this little set has 2 of my favourite smells and they are candy cane and cherry. 

I also got some chocolate from my sister, some body wash,some alcohol and one of my clients kindly  gifted me a £20 boots gift card.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday 

Untill next time 


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