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Primark haul

I went to primark a couple of weeks ago and thought i would show you what i got.

First up i got these 2 ps pro blending. And i really do like them and have used them a couple of times they are really good quality, dont shed and also they are super affordable. 

I them got a ps pro powder brush and i can say i have used this everyday sins i got it i will be getting a couple more as they are super soft and so nice to use. I then got the ps pro mini sponges  iv had these before but in yellow so when i saw them in black and white i just had to get them. The next thing i fot was the ps pro blending sponge and holder, i saw this just as i was walking to the till and i had to pick it up as i want the beauty blender version but whilst i wait i thought this one will do.

Next up i got this cute little clutch bagand inside it one side is for your phone and has two straps so that your phone is secure  and the other side there is card pockets and money pockets. I got this because in every light its a different colour and its just so eye-catching and beautiful. I then got this little card purse this is grate if you just cant be bothered to carry a big bag or big purse about it just fits perfectly in your pockeg.

I then got these beauty draws. I really needed these as my dressing table draw is now full so ive had to do some rearanging and i wish i had picked up two now but the next time i go i will be getting a couple more.

Finaly i got these two face masks. I love face masks and when i saw them in candy cane i just had to have them. I havent used them get but when i do i will do a full review on them.

So thats it for my latest primark haul hop you have enjoyed.

Untill next time 


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