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Kylie holiday collection 

For chrismas i got some of the kylie holiday collection. I realy wanted the minis but they were really hard to get. But heres what i did manage to get i will include swatches at the end of the post.

Out of the holiday collection i got the vixen lip kit and i was really worried  about this colour being patchy but surprisingly it wasnt it is such a pretty colour but it is really dark.

Next i got the jolly gloss. I really like this gloss it isnt sticky or anything but i would recomend useing a lipliner as like any colour glosses it will bleed. I wish i got the naughty gloss now :(.

Finaly from the holiday collection i got the metal matte in dancer. I love this colour and it looks soo beautiful over vixen. The only problem i had was that the bottle didnt seem full.

I also got the normal lipkit in spice iv been crushing on this colour ever sins it came out and im so glad i got it. Its such a beautiful purple-pink colour like vixen its best to line your lips then fill the rest of your lips in with liner then apply the liquid lipstick.

Finaly i got the burgandy eyeshadow palette. And omg it ia just stunning and i have used it loads sins i got it. It is one of my go to palette as the colours are so creamy and pigmented. I hesitated to get this but im so glad i did and i wish i jad got the holiday palette now and i will definitely be getting the peach palette. 

I also got the chrismas stocking free with my order but over all it didnt work out free as when i got my little slip though the door to say i had a custom fee i was expecting  £20 but i actully got charged £36 i nearly  droped to the floor it literally broke my heart paying that much. When i had paid the fee and got my box on the frount were it said the value of my order they had actully listed how much the stocking was and not put down it was free so im guessing thats why it was asmuch as it was :(.
Let me no if you got any of the holiday collection or what your favourite kylie product  is. 



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