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Too Faced Eye shadow Palettes

For my 24th birthday me nan got me the too faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette. I was so excited to get this as i always see youtubers and bloggers rav about it. This was my first too faced product and i had really high hopes for it and it definitely didnt disappoint and the colours are soo beautiful i cant wait to get the other chocolate bar palette. 

I love how versatile this palette is and there is no end of diferent combination you can try. Also the palette comes with a little look guide which gives you different looks for you to have a go at. And the scent of this palette is a chocolate scent so it kinda makes you crave chocolate when yoy use it. Here are some swatches.

Now on to the sweet peach palette. So the otherday i was browsing the debahams website and i see the sweet peach palette  on there and i was so excited as ive wanted this palette ever since it was first launched but i couldnt get my hands on it so when it came back out again i was so excited but i was putting of ordering it from America  so when i see it on the debahams websight i was suprised as i didnt think it was avaliable in the uk and then i was excited so i just had to get it.

I am so glad i got this palette as its so stunning and it smells soo peachy and yummy i could literally eat it. I also love the variety of colour is this palette there are colours for everyone and every type of occasions. I cant wait to use it and have a play.

Here are some swatches.

Let me no what your favourite too faced palette is 🙂 

Untill next time 


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