make up

Gosh Lip Oil

This product is amazing i have gone through 3 of the lip oils so far and the red one is my fav but my local superdrug didnt have any left in stock so i had to get the yellow one but asoon as i see it back in stock i will  repurchase the red one. 

I use this every day.

 I use it to prep my lips before i apply lipstick. 

 I apply it to my lips befor i go to sleep and when i wake up i can still feel it on my lips and they are super soft when i take it of.

Also when im ill i apply it though out the day and before i go to sleep as it really helps to keep your lips from being dry and chaped. 

This product was one of the best products to come out in 2016. Well done gosh for this amazing guessing it will be one of my favourite for a long time.

i have also recomened this product to everyone i no and so many of them have gone and got it and have told me how happy there were with the product.

If you have tryed the gosh lip oil let me no what you think :). 

Untill next time 


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