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Real technicque cleansing gel review

I have been wanting to try this cleansing gel  for ages. So when my superdrug finaly got it in store i had to have it. 

Here is my before photo:

This cleansing gel is really good and i would definitely recommend this product to others. It really did do a good job at cleaning my brushes and it left them smelling clean and fresh. I made sure that i  used this gel on different brushes that have different formulas of makeup so that i could really do a good review on it. 

I use  the estee lauder double wear foundation and i have found this such a stubborn product to get out of my brushes and have tryed so many different cleansers on it but apart from my beauty blender solid nothing has worked, but i tryed this one and it did a really good job at getting all the old foundation out of my brush.

It works great for getting eyeshadow out of my brushes aswell and it made my yellow brushes look like new .

It also bought my conceler brush up and eye brow brush up  really nice.

I also gave it a try on my beauty blender and my mini blenders and i was really suprised but it bought them up really clean.

Here is my after photo:

Let me no if you have tried the real technicque cleansing gel and what you thought about it in the comments 🙂

Untill next time 


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