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My Tkmaxx finds

So last week i went to kings lynn town to go and get a pair of shoes from new look, well i didnt just end upgoing in new look i went in tkmaxx for the first time ever and to be honest i cant beleve i have never been in there before. I found brands like Too Face, Mac, Nyx, illamasqua and bare minerals.

 i just couldnt beleve it why had no one told me they have brands like that before. So i will be definitely be going in there every time i go anywear with a tkmaxx. 

So i only got two things this time because i was nearly all spent out. And im now kicking myself and wished i had got one of the other too faced things i saw.

I got the melted metal liquid lip stick in the shade dream house and this was the only shade they had in and it was £5.99 and in debahams its £19  this isnt a colour i would normaly get but because it was too faced and was such a good deal i could let it go. I also got the too faced 3 way liner which looks so cool and i cant wait to have a play with it and this was also £5.99 and in debahams this is £18 so i think i definitely got a bargain. My friend chloe (check out her blog here )  got the same as mee but she got a too faced bulletproof eyeliner in the colourpurple rain and im really regretting not getting one now and this was £6.99 and in debahams its £19 . 

Here are some swatches:

Let me no what your best Tkmaxx find is in the comments 🙂

Untill next time


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