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Kylie Cosmetics Valentin Collection 

Im so glad i finaly got this parcel as i really didnt think i was going to get it like i accepted that i would never own this limited edition collection, and heres why….

It went from the usa to england to canada. I spent hours messaging usps, royal mail, kylie cosmetics and canada post and when it said that it was being returned to sender i new i would never get it and i was soo gutted and this was from my boyfriend :(. No one would help me as they couldnt understand why it went to canada in the first place. Well by cance i went on the tracking on friday and it said prosessed through facility and on the mobile sight ot dont say what county it was untill you go down the page so i just thought that it was going from canada to America  as it said it was going back to sender. So i went down and it said United Kingdom  and i got abit confused so i went on royal mail and put my tracking  details in and there it was on the way to my local post office and litrally i was so excited. So i went to pick it up on saturday and i thought everything would be broken but it wasnt thank god. And it was a suprise for my sister aswell as she got somthing aswell so she was soo happy.

Enough about that lets get on with swatches and what i got.

First up i got the mini kit in smooch wich had two eyeshadows, 1 mini lip gloss in Damn Gina and a mini liquid lipstick in Gorg. I love mini makeup they are sooo cute and your more likely to use all the products. The lip gloss is such a pretty colour and its beautiful over top of other lipsticks. Asoon as i got this mini kit i used the eyeshadow on my sister and it looked beautiful and the colours go so well together. 

Lip swatches further down. Here are the eyeshadow swaches:

Next up i got the valentine lipkit. I was going to get head over heels but i already had other colours from kylie that were similar and now shes made it a permanent  colour so who knows i might get it next time. Back to this colour,i love it it probably wont be the colour i go for everyday as its alot brighter then i thought. But that being said its stull a beautiful collour and looks sooo nice with Damn Gina gloss ontop.

Here are some swatches:

And lastly i got Kylies Diary and this is what i was most excited for i mean how beautiful does this eyeshadow and blush palette look. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and the blushes are beautiful im not much of a blush person but i will definitely be trying them out as they arent overly pigmented which i find is best with a blusher as its earyer to build with blusher. And the mirrow is really handy aswell.
Here are some swatches:

Let me no if u have had any problems with ordering from a different country.

Untill next time


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