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Sleek collection 

For chrismas i got a few sleek products, i had wanted to tey sleek for a while but never really pick any up so i got some with the chrismas money my nan gave me and omg i was so shocked at how good these products were i got 2 eyeshadow palette and the solstice highlight palette and i can really see why everyone raves about this highlighter  palette. 

The first palette i got was the i-Divine oh so special palette and this is just so stunning and perfect for the spring time. This palette has base colours, transition shades, crease colours and shimmers. So its just perfect and you can create so many different makeup looks with this eyeshadow palette.
Here are some swatches:

Next up i got the solstice highlight palette and omg this is just stunning it contains one cream highlighter and 3 powder highlighter. You definitely shine bright with these highlighter.

Here are some swatches

Finally i got the ultra mattes v2 darks palette. I got this for free and when i opend it i wasnt to excited about it if im honest and thought when am i ever going to use these colours. When i swatched them i changed my mind a little as some of the colour are really pretty and i will use but other are just not me. But i will put it in my makeup kit as you never no i might need one of the colours i dont really like one day. I can kinda see why this palette was the free gift if im honest. My favourite colours in this palette are the first 2 colours on the top row and the colour before the last on the botom row and the first colour on the bottom row.

Here are some swatches 

Whats your favourite sleek palette? Let me no in the comments.

Untill next time


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