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Kylie Cosmetics Mini Haul 

Dont you just hate getting emails with offeres in them because i do this little hauls is because of that. 

So about a month or so ago kylie cosmetics had a deal on were if you spend a x amount you get 1 free gloss or metal lipstick then if you spend x amount you get 2 free and so on so i got a few bits and got 3 free glosses. To get the 3 free glosses i got 2 french vanilla highlighter (one for my cousin), 2 koko kollection glosses (one for my sister) and then a koko kollectio liquid lipstick (for my cousin it was her 18th birthday so i thought i would spoil her).

The free glosses i got was like, litrally, so cute and then i bought the koko damn gina gloss. I really wanted the 3 original glosses when they first came out but i didnt get them as im not really a gloss person but i just really wanted them so time had passes but then when i saw i could get them free i jumped at the chance.  When i swatched them on my hand i did like the colours but then when i tryed them on im really not keen on the colours on me and i was soooo gutted because i really wanted to like them but they all seemed a bit to orange toned for my skin.

Damn gina is soo beautiful i have a mini version from the Valentine collection and thats what made me buy the full sized one its such a good lipstick topper and beautifull on its own.

Omg i love this highlighter its soo pretty i really wanted soft cotten candy (im sure thats the name) but it was out of stock but this was the other one best for light skin so i got it and thpught i would try it and when i opend it it was so nice but i was a bit shocked at how gold it looked and really didnt think it would work with mu skin tone but when i swatched it and tryed it on it wasnt that bad and really suited my skin tone. So if you have really fair or light skin tone then this is perfect and dont be put off by how gold it looks. 

Here are some swatches

Now time for a little rant….

if im honest they didnt really work out free after i had payed my custom charge as that was like £28. I have noticed that when you get a free item from kylie cosmetics they dont state that its free on the box and they add the value of the free item to the total so when it gose through customs the charge is alot higher then it should be and you have basicly bough the free item anyway.

Hope you liked my post let me know what your favourite gloss and highlighter are 

Untill next time 


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