make up

Blue NYX Mini Haul

Nyx is one of my cousins favourite brand so when i ordered her a few bits i baought myself a few bits i got a single eyeshadow pan in turnt up and i got a vivid brights eyeliner is sapphire. 

I wasnt to sure at how good this eyeshadow was going to be as the pans are only £2.50 so when i swatche it i was very surprised when it was actully a really good eyeshadow and i will definitely be getting more. 

I really like this eyeliner and its so vibrant and i wore it from about 10am till about 9pm and the could didnt dull down or anything and it didnt crack either that being said my sister wore it and asoon as it was dry it cracked loads so we had to give it a really good shake and then after it was fine.

Here are some swatches

you can purchase these at boots or the NYX uk website

Here are 2 looks using these product’s 

Whats your favourite nyx product let me no in the comments 

Untill next time 


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