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Nyx vivid brights hual

So after i tryed the blue one i just had to get some more. I just love these and the colours are just so summery and its always a good thing to have a pop of colour. 

 They just scream fun fun fun!!!! 

Iv used the red and pink one but i still havent used the yellow one yet. I did find that the red one cracked a little when it dryed. 

after i done one eye and let it dry so i can apply my lashes and thats when i notised the cracking so i gave it a really good shake and then it was fine. so my advice would be to give them a really good shake before you apply them. 

Here are some swatches 

I cant wait to try the bright coloured gel eyeliners that nyx have just brought out. 

You can purchase these liners either from boots or the NYX website.

Let me no what your favourite nyx product is in the comments

Untill next time 


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