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Colourpop haul

So i convicted my nan that she needed colour pop lipsticks and she loved my highlighter i got from them so she done a colour pop order so i just had to get a few bits (not that i needed anymore) 

Firat up i got the honeymoon highlighter and this is so so so sooo stunning and its just life i swear. I love this highlighter and so does my sister she keeps taking it but i always notice so i think i will need to get her one for her birthday. It was so hard to get a swatch of this colour unless it was a video so that you could see how sparkly and beautiful it actually is. Its also very versatile so you can use it as a shadow aswell.

Finaly i got 3 lip products. Now when i got these they all looked different on the website but when i swatched them fresh cut and solow are very very similar so if you want to order these then just be awear that they are nearly the same . But i love the shades i got and they are very summery.

Here are some swatches

Hope you like this post and the beautiful weather we are having here in the uk 

Untill next time


3 thoughts on “Colourpop haul

    1. Omg you so should their makeup is amazing and such good value for money the only problem is that you get a custom charge when you pic it up from the post office 😑 but its sooo worth it, iv never payed over £20 with colourpop and its free shipping over $50 so i try and think of it as a postage fee 😁😂 x


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