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Superdrug haul / review 

First up i got a the garnier moisture bomb sheet mask, i love the blue version on this so i thought i would get the pink one. Even though my skin is oily now its starting to get hotter im strating to find dry patches on the end of my nose and forehead. There is a yellow moisture bomb as well i think which i will be getting to try aswell i think. 


I used this sheet mask after i cleansed my face and it is so good i put it on waited a while and then when i took it off i rub the left over into my skin and then when to sleep in the morning i woke up extreamly shiny and then when i washed it off, my face felt so soft and moisturised. So i will definitely be getting more and would recommend it to anyone.

Next i got the mua undress your skin highlighter in pearlescent sheen. I swatched this in my local superdrug about a month and abit ago and loved it but they didnt have it in so i was so happy to get mu hands on it a couple of weeks ago.


This highligher is just stunning it  goes from silver to blue but be careful as you can definitely over do it and the more you belen it into your skin the more the blue toned it goes so you only need a little.


I bought one of these highlighters for my sister aswell and she had her friend stay over and and we was going out for dinner so her and her friend got ready and they came out to leave and they both had a very glowy blue face safe to say they over did the highlighter. 

Lastly i got 3 sets of lashes i got 2 of the 035 and then a set of the 003 accent lashes.


I got 2 or the 035 because thes are my favourite day time lashes and great for thease summer evenings out. They are super natural but they are just enought. I havent tryed the accent lashes on myself but i have tryed them on my sister as she got a pair also.  And they are so nice and just enought to give you alittle bit more volume on the outter corners.

Let me no if you have tryed any of the products that iv mentioned and what you thought.

Untill next time


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