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Peaches and cream pigment

Okay so i new of peaches and cream for a while but i never actually bought any of their products untill about july time as i went on an online course with plouise and she used the pigments and they looked amazing so i thought i would give them a try.

They are £6.95 per pigment but they also do bundle deals and thats what i got.

I have 15 in total And they have recently released a new colour called mermaze and i soooo need it its mermazing.

These pigments are soo good and i want/need all of them i recommend them to everyone and anyone. The best way to apply them is ontop of eyelash/glitter glue or ontop of a concealer.

Here is a little video of how sparkly and stunning they are…

Top row:

Prin, Disco, Luxe, Kitten, Halo, Peached

Bottom row:

Wish, Pearl, Gypsy, Ruby, Priscilla, flamingo

You can buy them HERE

After i bought these ones i got 3 more which were new ones.

Starlight, fantasy, pixi

Sorry about having to use videos but these are better shown in a video then photos.

Here are some of the makeup looks that i have done using some of the pigments:

Hope you have enjoyed this post and its helped you to discover peaches and cream or helped you deside which pigment you want.

Its nice to be back and untill next time


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