Starting a YouTube channel

So recently me and my sister started a youtube channel and uploaded our 1st video and if im honest it was such a big thing for me to do. i have wanted to start a channel for years but never had the confidences to post on there. The amount of videos that i have started but then deleted because i didnt fèel that it was good enought or i didnt like the way i looked in it. But now my sister is getting older and she wanted to start a channel we thought what better way to do it then with each other.

We give each other the confidences to do it and we have eachother to lean on so we really want this to work. And we have so much fun filming and bonding. I do think why didnt we do it sooner.

We want our channel to be about makeup, fashion, hair and beauty as thats what we both love and could spend hours on.

Our first video was a pink cut crease eye makeup tutorial and ill link it below. I hope to gain everyones support in this and will defo follow back if you have a channel. We can all support eachother.

This is the look that we created and to watch please click here

Hope to see you over on youtube aswell. Untill next time


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